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good Doctor ...


Dr Reddy graduated from the University of Natal in 2003 then did her internship at King Edward Hospital. It was here that her love of surgery first began. She then served her community in a rural hospital in Mpumalanga before she began her training in Urology in Johannesburg.

Dr Reddy completed her Urology training at the University of Witwatersrand. She has presented on several international and national stages and actively pursues an academic career.


A mother and a urologist, she is indeed a very rare breed. Her caring and compassionate nature has endeared to her patients. Dr Reddy practices in both public and private making her aware of the unique problems facing each sector.

Dr Reddy has trained and practiced in General Urology and has a particular interest in GynaeUrology as she believes this is an underserviced group. Her other interest is Endo- urology.

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