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Subject: A letter of appreciation
Sent: 22 Oct 2016 1:30 PM

Dear Dr Reddy


I think it is important for me to let you know what a positive life-changing effect your treatment has had on my life.

The quality of my life on a daily basis has vastly improved following the surgery on my bladder at your healing hands

I have struggled for years with what was incorrectly assumed to be urinary infections , thrush etc. I have been from one doctor to the next until I saw you. Your kindness both before and after the procedure was so appreciated- especially for an elderly woman like me.  I feel more confident to do so many things now because I feel good. My heartfelt thanks to you.


Please continue to help people like me. You are making miracles come true.


Yours sincerely


Lenasia, Johannesburg.

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Subject: CSSS XXX
Sent: 07 Feb 2017 10:17 AM
From: CaXXX HXXXy <>

Hi Dr Reddy, I saw you last year in March re a right pelvic kidney and numerous bladder infections. You advised me to use a catheter at least four times daily as my bladder was not emptying. I have been doing this since them I want to thank you for this advice as I feel so much better and as you said I have control over my life. I still get the odd infection which my chemist,who can prescribe, sorts out, but the improvement in my overall health is great. 

It is for financial reasons that I have not been back to see you but as soon as I can I will follow up.

Once again many thanks.



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